Contrary Winds: Acts 27

“When we had put to sea from there, we sailed under the shelter of Cyprus, because the winds were contrary.” – Acts 27:4

crashing waves

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We’re almost done with our study of the book of Acts. We’re in Acts chapter 27 where Paul, along with other prisoners, is sailing to Rome to appeal his case before Caesar. As they embarked out to sea, the winds became contrary and were against them (v. 4).

Paul told the men who were in charge, “Men, I perceive that this voyage will end with disaster and much loss, not only of the cargo and ship, but also our lives” (Acts 27:10). But the centurion, Julius, listened to the captain and owner of the ship over Paul, and they kept sailing…right into a storm.

Because they were severely battered by the storm, they began to throw over cargo from the ship (Acts. 27:18). “Neither sun nor stars appeared for many days, and no small tempest beat on [them], all hope that [they] would be saved was finally given up” (Acts. 27:20).

They were losing hope because of the severe storm that they were experiencing.

But in the midst of the storm, God revealed to Paul by an angel that he must stand before Caesar, and Paul said to those present, “Therefore take heart, men, for I believe God that it will be just as it was told me” (Acts 27:25). Then, on the fourteenth day at sea, Paul gave thanks to God, took some bread, and began to eat.

In the middle of a storm, Paul was thanking God and eating bread. Those around him took notice. “They were all encouraged, and also took food themselves” (Acts 27:36).

After that the ship wrecked and they all had to swim ashore. There are a few things we can glean from this account of Paul’s journey to Rome.

There will be times when we are traveling through life that the winds of life will be contrary to us. When the wind is blowing against us, we may experience damage to our vessel, heavy loss, or even be at risk of losing our lives.

It may be so dark and gloomy in our lives that it’s hard to see that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. And all hope of being saved may start to disappear in the middle of the storm. But we cannot lose hope. We must not lose hope.

Like Paul admonished, we must take courage – take heart – because we believe God will do what He says.

God has promised us that He will deliver us and provide a way of escape for us in times of trouble (Ps. 34:19; 1 Cor. 10:13).

So we can thank God, break bread, and enjoy what He has blessed us with while we are going through the storm, because we believe God and we believe in His Son Jesus Christ.

If we didn’t, it’d be a lot worse to weather the storms of life without the Lord.

Are you going through a storm? Are the winds of life contrary to the way you’re trying to go? Is Jesus with you in your storm?

If you don’t have Jesus Christ with you, you need Him. All you have to do is believe in Him, confess, repent, and be baptized, and He will become your refuge in the storm.

Let Jesus weather the storms of life with you.

“For You have been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm […]” – Isaiah 25:4

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