The Lord is Near The Broken Hearted

“The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, and saves such as have a contrite spirit.” – Psalm 34:18

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Hey friends! I hope that you are well today. Thank you for reading and showing your support. As always, I appreciate you!

Friends, my heart is broken. A dear loved one of mine just passed away from the coronavirus. I hate COVID. I know many of you do, too. It has upended so many lives, in so many ways.

People have lost their jobs – their livelihoods, their good health, and even loved ones. Although some people like to downplay the coronavirus and its effects, it is a serious health crisis that should not be taken lightly.

It has been a difficult year for many.

But there is hope for the broken hearted – for you and for me.

The Word of God says that the Lord is near those who have a broken heart (Psalm 34:18). That’s comforting. Wherever the Lord is, I don’t ever want Him to be far from me. I want Him to be as close as possible – near. Whatever has your heart discouraged, know that God is nearby. He will comfort you. He will keep you. He will wipe the tears from your eyes. The Lord is standing by.

I’m so glad that the Lord knows what we’re going through, and He cares for you and me. He can heal our sorrow and He can heal our pain. We just have to trust Him and obey His will.

Is your heart broken? Take comfort! The Lord is near.


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