Lay Aside Weight and Sin

“Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us” – Hebrews 12:1

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Hey friends! I hope that you are well. Thank you for showing me so much love in reading my blog. I appreciate you and your demonstration of support. It means a lot to me and I want you to know, for all the love that you give, I love you back!

We’re nearly half-way through the first month of the year already. It feels like we’re running a sprint. Life really is fleeting. That’s why is so important for us to get this thing right and get it right right now. This race of life we’re running goes by fast. The Hebrews writer encourages us to lay aside every weight and sin that easily entangles us so that we can run the race that is set before us (Heb. 12:1).

If we are going to run and do a good job at it, we don’t need any extra weight or sin holding us down or holding us back from finishing. Your weight and sin might be different from mine or the next person’s. But we all have weight and we all have sin (Rom. 3:23).

Your weight and may be worry, pride, selfishness, or unforgiveness. Others’ may be fornication or sexual immorality, gossiping, or jealousy. And it’s not just any sin; we’re talking about the sin that easily gets us tangled up in a mess. Everybody’s not tempted with the same sin. You know the sin that you are most readily exposed to and more apt to partake in than others.

That sin, that weight, the Lord wants us to set aside. We don’t need it because it’s only going to hinder us from running the Christian race. Sin separates us from God. Notice what Isaiah says: “Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; nor His ear heavy, that it cannot hear. But your iniquities have separated you from your God;
and your sins have hidden His face from you, so that He will not hear” (Isa. 59:1-2). The Lord is willing to save us and to hear us. but our sin gets in the way of that.

Sin is also deceitful (1 Tim. 2:14). Remember how the serpent deceived Eve. Satan is set out to deceive us as well. He doesn’t want us to finish the race. We must not entertain sin – especially the sins about which we know we are more weak and prone to engage. Our imperishable crown is waiting for us at the finish line (1 Cor. 9:24-25).

Let’s stay as far away from sin as we possibly can. I don’t want to be separated from God. I know that you don’t either.

If you’ve never had your sins washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ, you can today, if you’ll be baptized – submersed in a watery grave. Then you’ll come up alive with new life in Christ. And you can lay aside all the weight and sin that easily ensnares you, so you can run the race set before you.

Let’s make it to the finish line.

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