Dear Subscribers,

I received a comment about the article that I wrote on what the Bible says about drinking alcoholic beverages, and I wanted to clarify a statement for anyone who might need it, also. I mentioned having sat through a few Bible classes that touched on the subject of drinking alcoholic beverages. What I meant was over the course of a number of years. I am not currently in a class that is teaching on the subject of alcohol, in case you were interested in joining a class with me to learn more about the topic.

If you have more questions though, I’m sure that I can help you find resources on the subject or direct you to someone who can. I am currently in a Bible class where we a studying the love letters of John (1st, 2nd, and 3rd John), and the Sunday evening Bible class (yes, I know it’s unusual, but the congregation that I’ve been worshipping with on Sundays has their Bible classes in the evening after an abbreviated worship service) is a study of the book of Hebrews. They both have been very insightful and encouraging classes. I would love for you to join me and the rest of the class for the study. Contact me if you are interested in attending.

If you go to the site after receiving this email, this post will be in the comments section of the article on what the Bible says about drinking alcohol. I wasn’t sure that you’d receive it via email if I posted it as a comment.

To all who support me and show love and kindness, I extend a heartfelt “Thank-You!!” You encourage me, and help me to know that there is still compassion and goodness in the human spirit. On days that it is darkest, I remember that. And I remember you in my prayers before the God of heaven. I truly believe that the righteousness, justice, peace, and the love of God will always prevail.

Love and hugs to you all. 🤛🏽☺️

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